Idea: Meetup Recap P2

How about creating a new P2 for any meetup organizers to post event recaps/reports? Japanese local groups used to post event recaps on (e.g., Now that the site is shutting down, I realized I don’t have a good place to write a blog post about the event we just had last weekend. I […]

Announcement: Japanese Meetup Group Migration Roadmap

Since announced its close last week, we might get a tons of Japanese meetup application for coming weeks. To make the process smoothly (currently WordBench has more than 50 groups!), manage conflict between WordBench and and localize whole process, three Japanese deputies (@nao @nukaga @mayukojpn) suggest guidelines and set tasks as below: Guideline […]

Meetup Organizers Roundtables Part II: Conclusions And The Next steps

There are a lot of fantastic ideas in the world on how to build communities. In their own ways,  WordPress Meetup organizers work very hard to serve their local communities. In our March WordPress Meetup Organizers Roundtable, we tried to bring some of the wisdom together. While Part I contained the survey results, this post […]

Meetup Organiser Newsletter: 16 May 2018

Howdy WordPress meetup organizers! Welcome to another meetup organizer newsletter full of news, information and inspiration for your local meetup. Newsletter contents: WordPress 15th Anniversary Data privacy tools coming to WordPress Core Speaker training workshops held around the world WordCamp Europe live stream WordPress Turns 15 This Month! On May 27, WordPress will turn 15 […]

Report on the March Meetup Organizers Roundtable Experiment

In March 2018, we tested running weekly Meetup Organizer Roundtable Video Chats. The recordings are now available on YouTube as well as on WordPressTV. A big “Thank You” to all the organizers who joined us for these one-hour discussions, especially to the co-hosts: Kathy Drewien, Jim True, Ulrich Pogson, Karen Arnold, Roberto Remedios, Dreb Bits. […]

Meetup Organiser Newsletter: 16 April 2018

Over the last few months we have started sending regular newsletters out to WordPress meetup organisers all around the world. In order to share this content and news with more people, we will be posting the newsletters to this blog as well! Howdy WordPress meetup organizers! Welcome to another meetup organizer newsletter full of news, […]

WordPress Meetup Roundtables scheduled for March

In an earlier post about how to assist dormant Meetup Groups, we kicked around some ideas on how to support meetup organizers in their essential community work, especially if they are struggling or suffer from burn-out. As a test, experienced meetup organizers will host four Meetup Roundtables. Kathy Drewien, Roberto Remedios, Jim True and Ulrich […]

Handling Dormant Meetup Groups

With 575 meetup groups on the chapter account (and always growing!) we like to check in every so often to confirm if the groups are active. However, there are some meetup groups in the program that are inactive or dormant, and we need to figure out how we should manage them going forward. A few weeks ago, […]

Hosting Meetups with applicants from countries with slow internet connections.

Recently I’ve been focusing my meetup orientation efforts on meetups from other African countries. Depending on the internet connectivity in different parts of Africa, than can and has led to some frustrating orientations, where either I or the applicant have to try out different options to connect. I thought therefore that it might be useful […]

WordCamp and Meetup Reports

A new section has just been added to WordCamp Central for reports. These reports provide access to a variety of data related to the WordCamp program and the meetup group chapter program. The reports currently available fall into three categories: Financial reports Ticket Revenue Sponsor Invoices Payment Activity Global Sponsorship Grants WordCamp reports WordCamp Status […]