Contributor Working Group Chat Agenda | June 20th 07:00 UTC (APAC/EMEA) and 16:00 UTC (AMER)

It is time to host the next Monthly chat of the WordPress Contributor Working Group. We’re meeting on the Next Thursday (June 20th) to continue our work on improving the contribution experience of WordPress and to continue our work on mentorship programs. For more information on the working group and its plans, check out our launch post and past chats.

Meeting times

We will hold these chats in multiple time zones to accommodate as many participants all over the world as possible. These chats will continue to be held on the Third Thursday of every month.

The chat will be held on the #community-team channel of the Make/WordPress Slack. Here’s the link to a handy `.ics` file containing calendar entries for our upcoming chat so you won’t miss it. These chats have also been added to the Make/Meetings calendar. Everyone interested in improving the contributor experience in WordPress and building future mentorship programs is welcome to attend!

Pinging some of our active working group members:

@adityakane, @aion11, @alexcu21, @alexdeborba, @angelasjin, @askdesign, @casiepa, @chaion07, @coachbirgit, @colorful-tones, @courane01, @devmuhib, @estelaris, @foosantos, @gusa, @gusaus, @harishanker, @hellosatya, @javiercasares, @josepmoran, @juliarosia, @kafleg, @kirasong, @leogopal, @leonnugraha, @lighthouse79, @lumiblog, @maheshpatel, @matteoenna, @meher, @milana_cap, @mrinal013, @mysweetcate, @nao, @nhrrob, @ninianepress, @nilovelez, @ndiego, @nomadskateboarding, @oglekler, @onealtr, @onemaggie, @patricia70, @peiraisotta, @pooja1210, @ratneshsonar, @rcreators, @realloc, @rogermedia, @sancastiza, @sereedmedia, @st810amaze, @sumitsingh, @tekNorah, @thehopemonger, @tobifjellner, @topher1kenobe, @unintended8, @voboghure, @webtechpooja, @yoga1103


1. Welcome, introductions, and check-ins
How is everyone doing? New members joining the group can also introduce themselves. Do we also have any volunteers for notetaking, next agenda drafting, or next meeting host?

2. Wins and Updates from WordCampWordCamp WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress. They're one of the places where the WordPress community comes together to teach one another what they’ve learned throughout the year and share the joy. Learn more. Europe 2024
WordCamp Europe 2024 is over, and our program was a big hit at the event, so much that it was the opening slide on Matt Mullenweg’s 2024 Summer Update where our mentees from the Q1 2024 cohort was featured! The excitement was so much that we even opened up an early interest form for the Q4 cohort! Let’s do a quick debrief of updates and learnings from the event and to celebrate our wins!

3. Mentorship Program Cohort #3 (Q4 2024)
In our past chats we have been discussing extensively on how our next cohort should look like. Based on all the ideas shared, let’s discuss and finalize a plan for our next cohort and start working on planning the same. We will be sharing the plan in this chat and will seek feedback from our group members. We also hope to assign tasks and start working as per plan.

4. Creating a plan for On-Demand Mentorship in 2025
We have received a lot of interest in the “On Demand Mentorship” idea that was discussed extensively in the last chat. Let’s start thinking of how a first version of the same would look like, how it could co-exist with our cohorts, and how do we trial this in 2025.

4. Five for the Future Updates and Handbook
I am excited to announce that the first version of the Five for the Future Handbook is now out thanks to efforts from multiple contributors! We will briefly review the same and share plans and updates on the program, which also got a lot of attention at the recent WordCamp Europe 2024.

5. Questions, thoughts, and open floor!
If we still have time after all that intense discussion, we’ll open up the floor to discuss WordPress Contribution broadly and our program!

Looking forward to seeing many of you in the chat!

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