WCEU 2024 Contributor Day: What to do?

WordCampWordCamp WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress. They're one of the places where the WordPress community comes together to teach one another what they’ve learned throughout the year and share the joy. Learn more. Europe 2024 is one month ahead and the Community Team would love to have as many contributors joining as possible. WCEUWCEU WordCamp Europe. The European flagship WordCamp event. is one of the flagship events held in a year along with WordCamp Asia and WordCamp US. During this time, we would love to welcome team members to get together, contribute, collaborate, onboard new members, and maybe come up with new ideas for the future. Several members including some of the Community Team Reps will be present at the event and we will have few facilitators to get through the day. 

Let’s all enjoy WCEU 2024 Contributor DayContributor Day Contributor Days are standalone days, frequently held before or after WordCamps but they can also happen at any time. They are events where people get together to work on various areas of https://make.wordpress.org/ There are many teams that people can participate in, each with a different focus. https://2017.us.wordcamp.org/contributor-day/ https://make.wordpress.org/support/handbook/getting-started/getting-started-at-a-contributor-day/. together and make the most of our time to work on the team’s goals.

Here are some topics that could be discussed during the day.

Topic Examples

  • What would you like to see the community team accomplish at WCEU this year?
  • What topics do you think we should focus on?
  • What goals would be impactful to our day spent collaborating together?
  • How can we improve the Handbook for the Community Team?
  • New MeetupMeetup Meetup groups are locally-organized groups that get together for face-to-face events on a regular basis (commonly once a month). Learn more about Meetups in our Meetup Organizer Handbook./WP Event Orientations / Vetting
  • WP Event budget reviews
  • Training for Meetup/WordCamp Organizers
  • Training for current Event/Program Supporters

Can’t attend in person?

Join the conversations that happen all year long in the Make Community SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform https://slack.com/. The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at https://make.wordpress.org/chat/.. It’s simple to join and allows you to connect to all of the Make WordPress contributor teams!

We will try our best to have the #community-team channel running during the day, but we highly recommend you to comment in this post or in the channel about any specific topics we should look into during WCEU.

Your Feedback is Invaluable

The Community Team thrives because of its diverse perspectives and rich discussions. Don’t stop now. Please comment on your ideas below before May 31st, after that, we’ll close the comments, consolidate all ideas and we’ll publish another post with the final plans on June 7th

Thank you!

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