Proposal: Next Generation Event URL

In June, we started discussing tooling for NextGen WordPress events. One of the ideas we discussed is an updated URLURL A specific web address of a website or web page on the Internet, such as a website’s URL mapping, to accommodate a diversity of event types country)/year/event-type.

We anticipate that this new URL structure will make it much easier for new audiences to discover our community events, and for returning attendees to find what they’re looking for.

Community Day in Rome is the first NextGen pilot event to use this new URL structure. Their event URL is

The second NextGen pilot event to use this new URL structure is a monthly online community building workshop for all community members in Japan. The event will kick off in August 2023 and is planned to continue into 2024.

The recent discussion in #community-team about the URL for NextGen events has resulted in several options to approach the URL, especially for multi-city, multi-year, and multi-format events.

Referring to the principles of readability, ease of understanding, and scalability, we’d like to propose the following URL: country)/year/event-title.

The event-title can be anything that best describes the event. We can also add -2 to indicate the series of events.

For example

In 2023

In 2024

If there are no strong objections to this URL structure, we’ll be moving forward with it. Please comment if you have any questions or concerns about it.

Thank you to @angelasjin, @_dorsvenabili, @harmonyromo, @juliarosia and @samsuresh, for contributing to the post!

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