Recap of the Diverse Speaker Training group (#WPDiversity) AMER/EMEA on September 28, 2022

Attending: @juliarosia, @katiejrichards, @kcrockett, @onealtr, @santanainniss

Attended by proxy: @jillbinder

Facilitator: @santanainniss



1 Attendance and check-ins (everyone)
2 First time here
3 Comments, questions, ideas (anyone)
4 Workshops (Speaker & Inclusion) (@jillbinder)

Great speaker workshop for women in India over the weekend. We had about 20 attend, and we are pretty certain that at least 3 are going to start speaking. 

Organizing Diverse & Inclusive WordPress Events
Thursday, October 13 at 5pm-7:30pm UTC
Please share:

Talked about the workshop’s call to action.

APAC WPDiversity Network Building (@onealtr)

We are already in discussions to bring a similar workshop as India’s to other countries and possibly other languages.

List of upcoming WordCamps in Asia.

Diverse Speaker Support channel (@kcrockett@juliarosia@jillbinder)

The channel is doing well and continuing to grow.
Do folks have any feedback that would help improve your experience of the group and the value that it offers you and the community?
Additionally, if you have any suggestions for our weekly Fun Discussion Topics please send them to @kcrockett!

7 Marketing (@santanainniss)

We shared posts on September 15/16th and September 23 about the India Women’s speaker workshop to push last minute registrations.

Coming up next:

  • Promotion of the upcoming October training (diverse & inclusive WP events workshop)
  • Promotion of LATAM women’s speaker training (in-person)
  • Promotion of WP Diversity APAC meeting, celebrating its 10th meeting

Please help us promote the October 13 Inclusion workshop. Social going out on Thursday (today)!

8 Daylight savings — changing the meeting time in November? (@jillbinder)

Thinking about making our meetings 5pm UTC during Daylight savings and 6pm UTC when Daylight savings ends. This would keep it at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern all of the time. Everyone in the meeting agreed.

9 Other Updates + Next meeting facilitator (anyone)

@juliarosia will facilitate the next meeting.