2023 Global Sponsorship Working Group

The WordPress Global Sponsorship Program (born in 2013 as the Multi-Event Sponsorship Program) provides financial support to WordPress community events around the world. It’s time to review the program and come up with a proposal for the 2023 edition!

Our global sponsors have been flexible and supportive of the community in the uncertain and challenging times of the past few years. The Community team is grateful to the sponsors who participated in the new global sponsorship format launched in 2022: 

Now, it is time to shape next year’s Global Sponsorship program! This year’s working group will have the following members: @kcristiano, @sippis, @harmonyromo, @peiraisotta, and @angelasjin.

The group would like to share a proposal for the 2023 Global Sponsorship Program no later than 6 October 2022, with the hopes of finalizing and sharing the program with sponsors by 27 October. Our estimated  timeline looks like this: 

  • 19–30 September: 2–4 hours of independent program analysis and two 1-hour Working Group meetings
  • 6 October: Share program proposal
  • 7–13 October: Office hoursOffice Hours Defined times when the Global Community Team are in the #community-events Slack channel. If there is anything you would like to discuss – you do not need to inform them in advance.You are very welcome to drop into any of the Community Team Slack channels at any time./open meetings for input
  • 14–21 October: Evaluate feedback
  • 27 October: Share finalized program


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