Report: Inclusion and Diverse Speaker Workshops May 2022

This month, we held two “Organizing Diverse & Inclusive WordPress Events” discussions.

May 2022

Organizing Diverse & Inclusive WordPress Events – Discussions

Facilitator: @jillbinder

To accommodate the WCUSWCUS WordCamp US. The US flagship WordCamp event. organizers, we held short discussions on two different dates (May 10 and 14, 2022) about the videos on Learn WordPress. Also invited: All event organizers, contributors, and the mentorsEvent Supporter Event Supporter (formerly Mentor) is someone who has already organised a WordCamp and has time to meet with their assigned mentee every 2 weeks, they talk over where they should be in their timeline, help them to identify their issues, and also identify solutions for their issues. in the #diverse-speaker-support channel.

Total number who attended both: 21 

From number of cities: 23 (one person represented MeetupsMeetup Meetup groups are locally-organized groups that get together for face-to-face events on a regular basis (commonly once a month). Learn more about Meetups in our Meetup Organizer Handbook. in 3 cities/countries)

From number of countries: 8 (Bolivia, India, Nigeria, Philippines, The Netherlands, Portugal, Cabo Verde, United States)

Self-reported increase in preparedness to help create more inclusive WordPress event after taking the workshop: 23%


“I grew from the experience of attending the #WPDiversity workshop. What I took away is that we are stronger together when creating diverse spaces. We see each other’s blind spots and through collaboration we can ensure everyone feels included.” – Winstina Hughes, Community Contributor, US

“This session offered new methods to make events even more inclusive. We absolutely loved discovering that simply changing a few phrases may make meetups & wordcamps even more open to more people.” – WP Swings

“I found the Inclusion training for WordCampWordCamp WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress. They're one of the places where the WordPress community comes together to teach one another what they’ve learned throughout the year and share the joy. Learn more. organizers inspiring and helpful. If you’re involved in events in any way, I recommend it.” – Jonathan Wold

“Five minutes in, I felt inspired to start trying some of these ideas as we restart in person meetups. No matter your goal, there are so many applicable basics for community building in this workshop that anyone attending can take something away that they can use immediately in their community.” – Cate DeRosia, WCUS 2022 Lead Trio, Grand Rapids, MI

“I have a better understanding of real inclusion resources.” – Mike Straw, WordPress Code WranglerWrangler Someone, usually a person part of event organizing team, who looks after certain things like budget or sponsors., Athens, Ohio

“Every bit of training helps!” – Anon

diverse-speaker-support channel

We have a SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at channel #diverse-speaker-support in the Make WordPress Slack for:

  • workshopping talks with each other and with mentors
  • finding out about WordPress speaking opportunities from WordPress Meetups and WordCamps
  • getting to know other WordPress speakers and organizers

Number of past #WPDiversity Workshop participants who joined in May 2022: 2 

Wins this month: 2

  • One speaker got accepted to speak
  • One speaker got feedback on her presentation

Thank you

A lot of people contribute to making these workshops successful. Thank you to each and every one!


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