Announcement: Team Representative Change for the Community Team in 2022

Earlier this year, @samsuresh and I (@harishanker) were selected as Community Team representatives for 2022. Personally, it has been an exciting opportunity working as the Team Representative for the community team so far – and working with Sam has been nothing short of a joy! Together, we were able to make great progress – we helped finalize the community team goals for the year, we hosted some exciting team chats and trainings, and the team also had a blast at the Contributor day in WCEU.

I am taking a three-month sabbatical from work, starting mid-June. During this time, I will not be available to contribute full time to the community team, as I will be mostly away from the keyboard. I feel that it is unfair that I stay as team repTeam Rep A Team Rep is a person who represents the Make WordPress team to the rest of the project, make sure issues are raised and addressed as needed, and coordinates cross-team efforts. since I will not be contributing full-time. Hence, I have taken the difficult decision to step down as a team representative. I would also like to thank all our community members for your unconditional support for the community team so far – I will always be grateful to you, for all that you do for our community!

With that said, given our exciting plans for 2022, the team needs still need another representative to support all our exciting plans for the year.

I am excited to announce that Megan Rose (@megabyterose) will be the Community Team representative for the rest of 2022, along with @samsuresh!

Sam and I are excited to welcome Megan – she has done an excellent job supporting the community team over the past year, and we are certain that she will do a fantastic job as a team representative.

Megan Rose

Megan is an Ohio-based web developer and community builder. She is a WordPress Community DeputyProgram Supporter Community Program Supporters (formerly Deputies) are a team of people worldwide who review WordCamp and Meetup applications, interview lead organizers, and keep things moving at WordCamp Central. Find more about program supporters in our Program Supporter Handbook. and the Expert Community Support Lead at Codeable. When not at a computer, Megan enjoys competitive swimming, reading, and spending time with her pets.

What are team reps?

In the WordPress open sourceOpen Source Open Source denotes software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. Open Source **must be** delivered via a licensing model, see GPL. project, each team has one or two (or more!) representatives, abbreviated as “reps”. Team reps are responsible for communicating on behalf of the group to the other contributor groups via weekly updates, as well as occasional chats. 

As a reminder, it is not called “team lead” for a reason. While the people elected as team reps will generally come from the pool of folks that people think of as experienced leaders, the team rep role is designed to change hands regularly.