Return to In-Person Events: Share Your Challenges

As event restrictions begin to ease in various parts of the world, in-person events are becoming more of an option. A quick look around the WordPress community shows that planning is underway for in-person community events and several in-person WordCamps are on the schedule.

That said, applications for events are still coming in slowly.

We on the Community Team respect this. It’s complex to move from the safety of Zoom to the unknowns of meeting in-person.

As active community members ourselves, we understand some of the reasons that people are reluctant to come back together, face-to-face. But we don’t want to stop at what we already know. That’s too limiting for a community this big.

To help us understand more completely, we want to hear from you:

What is keeping you from either organizing or attending an in-person event?

By contributing to the discussion, you can help us identify gaps that we can work together to address.

As always, this is a friendly space where we want all people to feel comfortable sharing their personal feelings, needs, and experiences. Let’s remember as we respond to treat each other with respect. 

So, with all that said, go ahead and share below: What’s keeping you from attending or organizing an in-person event?

Have the capacity to help a little more?

Leave your ideas on how to overcome some of the blockers to in-person events on the Return to In-Person Events: Blue Sky Thinking post. It’s “blue sky thinking” because when it comes to brainstorming, the sky is the limit!