Recap of the Diverse Speaker Training group (#WPDiversity) on January 26, 2022

Attending: @jillbinder, @evarlese, @juliarosia, @katiejrichards, @onealtr, @mysweetcate, @wpfangirl, @patriciabt



  1. Welcome new members

  2. Updates on what you’re working on (Green: On plan. No help needed; Yellow: Not on plan but I have a strategy to get there; Red: Not on plan, no plan to get there, I’m lost!)
  • Katie will be working on Marketing doc next week
  • Oneal is helping out with a number of items including upcoming workshops
  1. Our group zoom meeting in February
  • Likely the 4th Wednesday of February
  • To talk about the bigger picture about what we are doing, chat about creative ideas together for how to make our great new programs happen, and see where the interest lies for helping out
  • We will use it as an opportunity for more volunteer outreach
  1. Recent Allyship for WP Event Orgs coaching & accountability SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at chat
  • It was another lively discussion. Very energizing!
  • We had: 14 attendees from 13 cities in 7 countries attend
  1. Upcoming Allyship & Diverse Speaker workshops in February
  • Wed, Feb 16: Allyship for WP event organizers accountability slack chat
  • Sun, Feb 27, 2022: Community Speaker workshop for Pacific NorthWest
  • Looking at dates for an Americas / Europe workshop in Feb or early March, particularly inviting upcoming WordCamps whose calls for speakers will still be open
  • @patriciabt let us know about the Geneva calls for speakers
  1. Taking a look at the first draft of our new volunteer kit – taking into account suggestions from @oneal and @heyyearl