Tuesday Trainings: How do I contribute to WordPress? Part 2

This year we’ve changed the format of Tuesday Trainings to better get directly at the issues that seem to be on the minds of folks in our community. How are we doing that? Great question. We’re either seeking to answer commonly asked questions or address commonly heard complaints, concerns, and confusions.

If there’s a question you’d like to see answered or a topic you’d like to see discussed, please share it in the comments or email me at support@wordcamp.org with the subject line Tuesday Trainings. Now onto this week’s topic.

This week’s question: How do I contribute to WordPress?

This is a great question… and usually when someone asks how they contribute to WordPress we would jump right in and tell them all about the exciting opportunities to contribute no matter what your specialty or skill level. But sometimes it’s not how you CAN contribute to WordPress that people are asking… it’s actually wondering how DO I DO THIS?

Well this week my goal is to help you learn the HOW TO part of getting involved in WordPress contribution. Not just here on the community team, but across the program. How am I going to do that, you may ask? By sharing resources!

What are the teams?

Last week’s Tuesday Training post introduced Core, Design, Mobile, and Accessibility. This week I’ll bring you four more amazing teams, tell you what they do, and share a link for you to start getting involved. 


WordPress is used all over the world and in many different languages. If you’re a polyglot, help out by translating WordPress into your own language. You can also assist with creating the tools that make translations easier.


Answering a question in the support forums or IRC is one of the easiest ways to start contributing. Everyone knows the answer to something! This blog is the place for discussion of issues around support.


Good documentation lets people help themselves when they get stuck. The docs team is responsible for creating documentation and is always on the look-out for writers. The blog has discussion around the team’s current projects.


The Theme Review Team reviews and approves every Theme submitted to the WordPress Theme repository. Reviewing Themes sharpens your own Theme development skills. You can help out and join the discussion on the blog.


If you’re interested in working on any of these teams, there’s no time like the present. Check them out and see if there’s a fit for you. Come back next week for another set of teams, and if you have any questions, as always, please ask in the comments!