Learn WordPress: Wanna build a workshop? Additional Q&A times

Last week’s Q&A on making workshops for Learn went really well. So well that we’re going to host a couple more next. For those interested in seeing the questions already answered you can read the back scroll of the chat from Thursday, January 28, 2021 here.

If you’re interested in joining a live discussion and asking questions there are currently two scheduled:

Both sessions will be hosted in the community-events channel of WordPress Slack.

Where to submit your application

What information needs to be included in your application

  • Short description
  • Long Description
  • Learning objectives
  • Comprehension Questions

Steps to follow once your application as been approved.

  • write workshop script/lesson plan
  • update descriptions, objectives, and comprehension questions
  • record video
  • submit video to WP.tv
  • have post and video reviewed before publishing

Then I’ll answer any remaining questions you may have.

Please come prepared with questions and curiosity!

If neither of these times work for you please feel free to share questions in the comments and we’ll answer them in the chats and share answers in comments as well.