Tuesday Trainings: Diverse Speaker Training Workshop Part 3

For the past 3 weeks, and for the week to come we’re focusing on the Diverse Speaker Training Series presented by @jillbinder–with the help of some other amazing contributors. Whether you’re someone who would like to get more comfortable in your skills as a speaker or you’re an organizer looking to diversify your roster of speakers and find for ways to support those in your group with training, I can’t strongly enough recommend that you use these workshops and participate in discussion groups for them.

This workshop is for people from marginalized or underrepresented groups who are thinking about speaking at WordPress events. You do not need to have any experience in public speaking, and this workshop is for all levels of experience.


Creating your talk

Learning Objectives for this workshop

  • Learn how to create an outline for your talk
  • Identify what key elements you should include in the introduction, body, and conclusion of a talk

You can watch the video here!

Comprehension questions

  • What makes for a good introduction to your talk?
  • What are the important components of the body of your talk?
  • What elements should you include in the conclusion of your talk?

Talk about it

Now that you’ve taken something away from the workshop I hope you’ll take this all a step further and join a live discussion group to discuss the content with others who have watched it as well. You can find discussion groups specific to any of the workshops you find on Learn.WordPress here on Meetup.com.

You’re also welcome to bring your thoughts and questions here in the comments!

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