Setting a launch date for Learn WordPress

Now that Learn WordPress is live, we are seeing workshops being published, discussion groups taking place regularly (with plans to improve their visibility), and lesson plans being extensively audited. This is all very exciting to see and the platform is growing nicely!

The next stage is to set a date for a full, marketed launch so we can spread the word to the broader WordPress community about the excellent learning resources on offer. We have previously discussed some of the criteria we should aim for in order to make a full launch as effective as possible, and we’re well on the way to being ready for that:

A few things need to be completed before we can be truly ready for a full launch:

  • Some dev work is required for the courses & quizzes to work correctly (read more and contribute on GitHub)
  • More workshops need to be recorded to fill out the first two courses (workshops in progress are being tracked in this sheet)
  • Quizzes need to be added to existing and new workshops – this is already being done with questions existing in the dashboard for many of the current workshops

With all of this going on, now is a good time to decide on a date we can commit to being ready for a full launch.

WordPress 5.6 is currently scheduled for launch on 9 December and I personally feel it would be fantastic if we could have Learn WordPress ready prior to that date. How great would it be to have a new feature mentioned in the 5.6 release post, that includes a link to learn about that feature on Learn WordPress?!

Of course, “ready” is subjective and we will always continue to iterate on things as time goes on, but if we can complete the items listed above then I think we’ll have things in a state ready for a full launch.


Your feedback along the following lines will be invaluable:

  1. Do you think we can have Learn WordPress ready before the launch of 5.6? What date do you think we should aim for?
  2. Are there any workshops you would like to record & contribute? Maybe one for a WordPress 5.6 feature? Right now, the primary focus is on workshops for the first two courses listed in this post and currently planned workshops are indicated in this sheet. The community site where WordPress code is created and shared by the users. This is where you can download the source code for WordPress core, plugins and themes as well as the central location for community conversations and organization.