Recap of the Diverse Speaker Training group (#WPDiversity) on August 26, 2020


The August Diverse Speaker workshops have gone very well. In September we are doing some different things: Intermediate Diverse Speaker workshops + “Hold your own diverse speaker workshop (APAC/EMEA friendly time)“. Our Translation team is getting ready to start translations again, starting with Spanish. @nukaga and the Japanese team recently finished creating a Japanese version.

Attending: @jillbinder @cguntur @wpfangirl



  1. Check-in: how are you doing?
  2. How this month’s workshops are going
  3. September workshops – special edition, intermediate;  train the trainers, APAC/EMEA friendly
  4. Translation team updates
  5. Open discussion

1. Check-in: how are you doing?

Consensus: We are exhausted.

2. How this month’s workshops are going

In the current workshop series (3 lessons last week, 1 open practise session yesterday, and 1 open practise session tomorrow) so far we have had:

6 attendees, from 6 cities in 3 countries.

Everyone attended all 3 days, live or watching the recording!

I haven’t calculated the public speaking confidence scores increase yet, but it’s looking like around 10-20% again.


“Before taking the Workshops, I didn’t have the confidence for public speaking. Thanks to Jill Binder, I can relax, gather my thoughts, and proceed with my presentation. I would recommend this workshop to people of color in the WordPress ecosystem. You belong here; its a no-judgment zone where you can find your authentic voice.”

– TC, Learner Advocate, @codebrother1

There is still time if anyone wants to attend tomorrow. You do not need to have attended any of our workshops.

Open Practise Session
Thursday, August 27, 2020 from 5-6pm UTC (10-11am PT)

  • There will be no prepared lessons. This is open practise time for you!
  • Examples of what you can use this time for:
    • Practise parts of your presentation in a supportive space
    • Get feedback on your topic, pitch, or any other part of your presentation
    • Ask your questions about public speaking, applying to speak, etc.
  • No prerequisite to attend these practise sessions

People can get their free ticket here:

I also want to thank @dani418 and @allienimmons for their mentorEvent Supporter Event Supporter (formerly Mentor) is someone who has already organised a WordCamp and has time to meet with their assigned mentee every 2 weeks, they talk over where they should be in their timeline, help them to identify their issues, and also identify solutions for their issues./assisting help all last week. They went beyond to help me troubleshoot outside of their scheduled hours, too.

3. September workshops – special edition, intermediate; train the trainers, APAC/EMEA friendly

We have been asked to start running more advanced workshops for people who have been speaking before and who want to improve speaking online. So in September we are running:

Sept 15: Improving your pitch
Sept 16: Intermediate online stage presence
Sept 17: Answering questions online

The eventbrite for this is now up, and I will get it posted to the community P2P2 P2 or O2 is the term people use to refer to the Make WordPress blog. It can be found at today or tomorrow.

In September, we are also running a “Hold Your Own Diverse Speaker Workshop” (aka Train the Trainers) for the APAC/EMEA friendly time. Run by @angelasjin.

I will announce this in the P2 as well.

Upcoming: In October we are going to do the beginner speaker series and a Train the Trainers for America friendly time, run by @miriamgoldman.

4. Translation team updates

After the women in Latin America workshop in July, there are many Spanish translators who are excited to translate. @bhargavmehta, @rahuldsarker, and I are now in sync and getting everything ready to begin that work.

Also, thanks to @nukaga and the Japanese team, we have a fully translated version in Japanese! Way to go, Junko and team!

For now, we are creating folders in google for each translation. We will figure out where they go officially later once we are ready. That will take some coordinating with the #training team.


I believe the training team wants to coordinate about the #wpdiversity materials on, since that’s gained some momentum. (It (the Learn Site) was the focus of our attempt at an online contributor dayContributor Day Contributor Days are standalone days, frequently held before or after WordCamps but they can also happen at any time. They are events where people get together to work on various areas of There are many teams that people can participate in, each with a different focus. on Sunday.)


Oh wow! Ok. I need to finish getting the newest changes into the GitHubGitHub GitHub is a website that offers online implementation of git repositories that can easily be shared, copied and modified by other developers. Public repositories are free to host, private repositories require a paid subscription. GitHub introduced the concept of the ‘pull request’ where code changes done in branches by contributors can be reviewed and discussed before being merged be the repository owner. over there, but I’m honestly not sure I have the ability to do this any time soon.

We do have workshop videos though that people can take self-paced, which @angelasjin is putting into the new learn WordPress.

This script that I’m working on is more for when people want to run it for their community. So, our metaMeta Meta is a term that refers to the inside workings of a group. For us, this is the team that works on internal WordPress sites like WordCamp Central and Make WordPress. “train the trainers”.


There are only a couple of people active on the Training team right now, so I suspect it’s more a matter of wanting to check in and see what needs to be done, rather than an attempt to get specifics accomplished immediately. Though those who find GitHub awkward for maintaining lesson plans are encouraged to speak up about it.

Talk to @courtneyengle. She spent about the first hour with us to talk about the current state of the Learn site and the most urgent needs for lessons. And made us a special blog post here: