Tuesday Trainings: taking a pause

Over the past couple of months I’ve greatly enjoyed curating the Tuesday Trainings posts we’ve featured here each week. At the beginning of the series we had a flood of contribution, but as time progressed and the WordPress community events situation evolved to deal with the global pandemic we’ve had a lot less training content to share. At this time we are not publishing additional content about organizing in-person events, because we’re learning a whole new way of doing things and documenting it as we go along.

Rather than produce content for the sake of filling space, we’re putting a 6-week pause on Tuesday Trainings posts and will take that time to build up content to be released consistently on Tuesdays, starting in mid October. My hope is that it will also give our community contributors a chance to share trainings based on how things are happening with the WordPress community and the WordPress Community team now that we have more of a handle on synchronous and non-synchronous online content and engagement.

If you have some ideas of content to share with the team please, share it in the comments or send an email with “Tuesday Trainings” in the subject line to support@wordcamp.org.