Recap of the Diverse Speaker Training group (#WPDiversity) on June 24, 2020

Summary: The Diverse Speaker workshops have been going very well. We have a great lineup of workshops in July. Volunteer role needed: Inviting participants to a google calendar event and Zoom registration

Attending: @jillbinder @cguntur @dani418 @sparklingrobots @arpitgshah @carike



  1. Check-in: The world is in chaos. How are you doing?
  2. How the workshops are going
  3. What events we have coming up and how you can help
  4. If you’re doing anything for our team, what are you working on and how is it going? (With colors: Green: on plan. No help needed. Yellow: not on plan but I have a strategy to get there. Red: not on plan, no plan to get there, I’m lost!)
  5. Open time for your questions, comments, concerns, ideas

1. Check-in: The world is in chaos. How are you doing?

General consensus: We are feeling worn down by the unusual circumstances of this year.

2. How the workshops are going

I put all of this info up at

I will give a summary of it here in our meeting:

APRIL 2020

Number who attended: 26
From number of cities: 21
From number of countries: 6 (Bulgaria, Costa Rica, India, Italy, Nigeria, USA)

Number who attended all 3 sessions: 5
Number who attended 2 sessions: 8

Increase in public speaking confidence after taking a workshop: 34%

MAY 2020

Number who attended: 11
From number of cities:
From number of countries:
3 (Canada, Ukraine, USA)

Number who attended all 3 sessions: 6
Number who attended 2 sessions:

Increase in public speaking confidence after taking a workshop: 21%

JUNE 2020

Number who attended: 6
From number of cities: 5
From number of countries: 4 (Canada, India, UK, US)

Number who attended all 3 sessions: 1
Number who attended 2 sessions: 2

Increase in public speaking confidence after taking a workshop: 20%

I should note, this includes the Group Coaching sessions that follow the workshops, as well. So far I’ve been holding 2 sessions for practise and open questions a week or two later.

It’s been fantastic. I’m really pleased!

If you want to read testimonials, we’ve got great ones posted at that link for May and June.

And also I wanted to thank @cguntur and @dani418 for attending and helping out at various sessions. It’s been so helpful to have you there.

3. What events we have coming up and how you can help

I will go in order by events:

On Saturday, July 11th at 1-5pm Costa Rica time (12-4pm Pacific): I have been requested to hold a training for women in Latin America, to empower more women in the area to get on WordPress stages!

It will be a “Hold your own Diverse Speaker workshop” (aka what we’ve internally been calling Train the Trainers) so that the women can learn how to hold it for their own meetupMeetup All local/regional gatherings that are officially a part of the WordPress world but are not WordCamps are organized through A meetup is typically a chance for local WordPress users to get together and share new ideas and seek help from one another. Searching for ‘WordPress’ on will help you find options in your area. chapters.

On Saturday, July 18th at 5-7pm UTC: @miriamgoldman is holding a “Hold your own Diverse Speaker workshop” for general/global meetups.

@arpitgshah: I just applied to be a meetup organizer. How can I learn to run the workshop for our meetup?

@jillbinder If you can make that time, @arpitgshah, that would be excellent for you to attend.

To get in, write to us at:

to let us know you are interested.

Or if that day/time doesn’t work, let us know that too and we will work out something else for you.

We are holding fewer of these Train the Trainers during the pandemic because most of our resources are going towards the direct participant workshops.

@arpitgshah: 5PM to 7 PM UTC will be very late time for IST, if you can arrange something else for me or if not then I will be there.

Direct workshops in the week of July 28:

Tuesday: Who am I to be speaking & Finding a topic
Wednesday: Writing a pitch
Thursday: Answering tricky questions

The last session is replacing the Online Stage Presence this month as there have been requests for this, due to extra hard questions coming in online.

@jillbinder: @arpitgshah It would be a great idea for you to attend the series as well, @arpitgshah, if you can! So that you can see some of the workshop in action. And possibly also invite members of your community to join you…

@arpitgshah: I will

@jillbinder: Understood, @arpitgshah. If you write to us in the form letting us know that, we’ll see if we can work something out. If you don’t mind waiting some time, then we can definitely hold one at a better time for you in the next few months…. (cc @angelasjin and fyi @miriamgoldman)

For the July 28 workshop series, it’ll likely be 4pm or 5pm UTC for one hour each day.

We don’t have a signup form for the July 28 one yet, but I’ll mark down your name to let you know when we have it.

Things I could use help with from anyone on our team or anyone else watching (or who reads the P2P2 P2 or O2 is the term people use to refer to the Make WordPress blog. It can be found at later)…

Volunteers needed for these tasks:

July 18 sign up form (Eventbrite) (@dani418 is doing)

For the July 18th event, we need a signup form.
If I send you all the details that goes into it, who can create the event in our team’s eventbrite?

Time commitment: 30 minutes?

When: Dani is doing it today

July 28 sign up form (Eventbrite) (@dani418 is doing)

For the July 28th week’s events, we also need a signup form.

We need someone to:

  • take a copy of the May-June event
  • change the dates
  • remove the group coaching
  • change the description for the third workshop (I would give you the new copy)

Time commitment: 30 minutes?

When: Dani is doing it today

Google calendar invite & Zoom registrations (needs volunteer)

This item helps participants actually show up to the workshops:

  • Sending them a google calendar invite

And this item helps make our lives much easier for keeping an attendance (so that we can cross-reference with their Eventbrite tickets to know how many people attended how many sessions, and where they are attending from):

  • Registering them in Zoom

These two items pair really well together, and they are ongoing for some time.

Time commitment: It takes a bit more time the first time, and then it only takes a couple of minutes after that.

When: Once a week before each event (July 18 & July 28), and then daily for the week prior to the event.

Sign up: Reply to this post or PM me in SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at (@jillbinder)

Co-work buddy for an hour (needs volunteer)

I am very delayed in getting our workshop document ready for our Translation team, @rahuldsarker and @bhargavmehta. I keep pushing it off because I’ve got so much going on. I would love to sit on Zoom with someone for an hour next week, just to keep me on task so I do it. It would be best in my afternoon in Pacific time, though, so that rules out many of the people who could sit with me.

Time commitment: 1 hour

When: Monday, June 29 or after. On a Monday – Thursday. In an afternoon in Pacific time.

Sign up: Reply to this post or PM me in Slack (@jillbinder)


Anyone can always write to me privately about our last 2 agenda items: what you’re working on and any obstacles you’re encountering, and any other questions, comments, concerns, anything related to our group.

Thanks for being here, and thanks for all you’re doing!

If any of the new people attending today (or just watching/lurking) would like to join our team, we’d love to have you. Write to me #community-team, privately on Slack (@jillbinder), or reply to this post.