Forming the WordCamp Central Twitter account working group

I think that the WordCamp Central Twitter account is too silent, official and boring. Currently, the only content is automatically shared from news. It would be awesome to raise local communities and their WordCamps more in the content of that account. One way of doing this could be re-tweeting curated content.

Birgit Pauli-Haack and contributors did write an awesome proposal about this in 2017 and feedback on that proposal was enthusiastic. After the proposal, activating the Twitter account didn’t get enough momentum because of a lack of interested contributors.

The proposal from 2017 is still valid and could be a good starting point for activating the Twitter account today. The missing part is contributors who want to commit to updating the account actively.

That’s why I’m calling all persons interested in contributing to this topic to express their interest in the comments. If we get at least six interested and tentatively committed contributors, we’ll start a working group.

The first task for the working group will be scheduling a video meeting where the plan for reactivating the Twitter account will be discussed. The next steps will be agreed on that call.

#marketing, #twitter, #working-group