I know the last time…

I know the last time I posted about incident reporting documentation, some sad news followed. Don’t worry — that is not the case this time. 🙂

I’ve published two new handbook pages related to incident response, and I’d love feedback from community organizers on either or both.

Incident Response Plan for Organizers includes a template for a safety/incident response plan for community events, with a step-by-step process for taking an incident report.

The Incident report response procedure describes the process that’s currently followed when a complaint is sent to report@wordcamp.org or via our Incident Report form. This is the current process, but not necessarily the desired process. So!

I’d love to collect feedback on:
1. Is the information provided or language used in either handbook page confusing?
2. Do you think either handbook page is missing important information, and if so, what?

Please share your feedback in a comment on this post!