Diversity Outreach Speaker Training Working Group Chat Agenda | July 24, 2019

New and curious team members welcome. This is what we do:
(Only now it’s all diversity, not just women.)


  1. Reports of what you’re working on, with colors
        – green: on plan. No help needed.
        – yellow: not on plan but I have a strategy to get there
        – red: not on plan, no plan to get there, I’m lost!
  2. The new Train the Trainers Meetups life cycle that we are working towards.


Problems that we’re working on solving with this new life cycle:

  • Not many were showing up to trainings.
  • Not many ran the workshop after receiving training.
  • Not many filled out the follow-up questionnaire.
  • We have no way current of collecting stories to show the community the impact of the work and to help more meetups want to run it.

Goals we are striving towards:

  • 80+% of meetups show up to trainings.
  • 80+% of meetups run the workshop.
  • 100% give us their stats and at least one great story.

3. Our new 2-minute “What is this workshop” intro video! (Temporarily stored here: http://diversein.tech/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/CallOutToMeetups.mp4)

4. Other things I’m working on

5. Open discussion

See you tomorrow (July 24) at 5pm UTC / 1pm ET in the Make WordPress Community-Team Slack channel.