Getting Started with Deputy Mentors

Last month, we posted a few goals for Deputy Program for 2019. From that, one of the items to add to the program are Deputy Mentors:

Deputy Mentors

Each deputy mentor would have a group of deputies assigned to them personally and it would be up to the mentor to assist and check-in with their mentees regularly. This would involve helping the deputies with the work they are doing, finding out how they’re enjoying it, making sure they are aware of the latest updates, and training them in additional deputy tasks.

The idea here is to make sure all deputies feel connected to the program, they have help working through their tasks, and assistance with their growth within the program.

To take this forward, we are now looking for deputies who are interested in a mentorship role within the program. As this is more of a guidance and support role rather than exclusively an educating one, deputy mentors do not need to have training in all the tasks that deputies are able to perform, but they do need to have been a deputy for a not insignificant amount of time and have a decent amount of experience with our program and tools (that length of time is purposefully left vague here, as number of years as a deputy doesn’t always equate to an equivalent amount of experience).

If you feel like you are experienced enough as a deputy, and you would like to support other deputies in their work then please comment on this post or DM me (Hugh Lashbrooke) on SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at to show your interest.