Recap of the Kids Event Working Group Kick-Off Chat |Tuesday 19 February 2019

Attending: @melindahelt @ChrisWales @ErickaBarboza


We Covered

  1. Working Group Overview
  2. Project Management Information
  3. Documentation Sprints
  4. Next Actions

Working Group Overview

Create a Process for Documentation
Create KidsCamp Documentation
Create Kids Workshop Documentation
Create Kids Club Documentation
Create Volunteer Guides
Create Legal Document Repo
Create Supplies List with Amazon Smile Links (to benefit WordPress Foundation)
Create a Guide for Marketing Kids Events to Schools

The goal is to spend about 12 months creating, documenting and polishing the documents and then creating a repo with the Training Team. That will mean a liaison will be needed as some point as well.

Project Management Information

So I know a lot of people expressed interest but not everyone made it to todays meeting. I am sure more people will be getting involved over time. I did create a Trello Board so that we have some jumping off points for anyone to just dive in and start on micro pieces.

Documentation Sprints

@melindahelt When I was helping with the training team and we were starting lesson plans, we had a master list of plans we needed, and people volunteered to write (and then edit and test) each of those pieces. If someone had a suggestion not on the list, we were very open to that as well, but having the list was easy for a new person to come and review the list an pick something they enjoyed/had knowledge about

Kinda like when someone is dealing with an illness and everyone says “what can I do to help” and… often nothing gets done, but if you say “I need A, B, and C” then people step up

@melindahelt I think it’s important to note that everyone can still be involved if they can’t make the meetings – keeping track of chit chat in this channel between meetings will be difficult, but we can use P2 post (blog posts on the site) to keep track of things and communicate

@sunsand187 Yes that is 100% on point. I know not everyone is in the slack channels too. If there is no other thoughts or comments we can wrap up this meeting and reconvene on the 7th :slightly_smiling_face: I will post a recap on the community blog (P2).


Next Actions

  1. @sunsand187 Will Breakdown documentation Sprints into smaller action items for team members to pick up and claim.
  2. Team, Look over Trello and this post to stay up to date and provide feedback.