Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training Zoom kick-off call on Jan 19, 2019

To kick off the new year with new goals, we had a great video chat this last weekend.

We talked about where we’ve been, what items we want to maintain, where we want to improve, how we want to grow.

What We Covered and Discussed

Last Year

  • Ran 15 trainings
  • Trained 45 meetups
  • 16 ran our workshop (as far as we know)
  • In the first year of running it (last year or previously) there were incredible results: Typically from 10% to 50% women speakers at their next WordCampWordCamp WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress. They're one of the places where the WordPress community comes together to teach one another what they’ve learned throughout the year and share the joy. Learn more.
  • We tracked speaking by email or in person with 55 meetups in 26 countries
  • It was fulfilling: “I’ve really enjoyed the work we do in this working group, and can see its impact. It is super inspirational!” -Angela Jin
    Community Organizer at Automattic

We Are Here

  • We have the workshop
  • We have a message and a form
  • The Train The Trainers team runs 1-2 trainings a month
  • We have a (good enough for now) training video
  • Most of our interest comes from:
    • The monthly Meetups newsletter
    • Talking with folks at WordCamps
    • Motivated team members who run them in different cities

Where We Are Headed

In 2018:  16 meetups*   (* plus non-meetups

By end of 2020:  100+ meetups a year (There are 700+ meetups (800+?))

2019 Goals

  1. Maintaining what we have
  2. Improving what we have
  3. Scaling up to reach more

2019 Maintaining

  • Bi-weekly Wednesday meetings
  • Maintain our tracking spreadsheet
  • Answer MeetupMeetup All local/regional gatherings that are officially a part of the WordPress world but are not WordCamps are organized through A meetup is typically a chance for local WordPress users to get together and share new ideas and seek help from one another. Searching for ‘WordPress’ on will help you find options in your area. requests in Helpscout
  • Run 1-2 Trainings a month
  • Currently: Larry, Angela, Miriam, Jill
  • Send out email questionnaire follow-ups
  • Write up monthly Meetups newsletter article
  • Contact dormants?
  • Helping meetups run it again, and well

2019 Improving

  • Shorter, catchy name!
  • Better hashtag! #WPWomenSpeak diversity…
  • Smooth out our Train the Trainers processes
  • Improving our offering based on the email questionnaires (and the ideas already in Jill’s head)
  • Create better training content and record a better video
  • Project management system
  • Promote and reach many more meetups!
  • More frequent trainings
  • Trainings in different time zones
  • Translating the workshop and materials
  • Trainings in different languages

Before Who Is Doing What: Your First Steps

  • Fill out the new welcome questionnaire
  • Take our training
  • Run it for your meetup

Roles, Leaders, Subgroups

  • Larry content strategy
    • crafting top level messaging
    • expanding messaging to more than women
    • audio, video, canva, etc.
    • train the trainer
  • Sheila translations
    • organize translations
    • organize office hours?
    • maybe office hours in different languages?
  • Chandrika
    • Helpscout
  • Jill
    • Project management tools
    • Finish “Build Speaker Roster” essay
    • Promotions
    • All the things
    • (But hopefully fewer of the things)

New roles volunteered during the meeting

New Train the Trainers:

@sheilagomes I am interested (But I’ve been very busy with work lately, so I can’t say when I’ll be able to do it)

Onboarding New Train The Trainers


Promotions Team

@miriamgoldman (but focus for now is Train the Trainers

Content Strategy / Messaging (top-level, individual messages)


Project Management Tool

@jamieschmid (after Jill’s worked on it first)



Project Management Dashboard

I’m working with a project manager classmate at my business school to work out how to improve our communication and results. These are the mock-ups we came up with for a future project management system:

Our First Steps

  • Putting the workshop into the materials for WordCamp Speaker wranglers
  • Putting the workshop into Meetups info
  • Changing our name, hashtag, and how we refer to our pieces (Jamie!)
  • Train the Trainers work on our processes
  • Reaching out to dormants and those who ran it last year

Next Actions

  1. @SheilaGomes, @Simo70, and @JillBinder are setting up a meeting for this week about the Translations team
  2. @laryswan is pinging @jamieschmid to talk about the words messaging exercise
  3. @jamieschmid and @laryswan are coming back to us with actions for us to do
  4. @JillBinder is giving @jamieschmid a list of active team members and what they do
  5. @JillBinder is creating a subteam for promotion
  6. @JillBinder is putting out a doodle poll for a Train The Trainers zoom call
  7. @MiriamGoldman is creating a Trainers onboarding meeting
  8. @MiriamGoldman is writing up her journey and a testimonial tomorrow
  9. @JillBinder is putting together who volunteered with which roles
    @Simo70 when you volunteered to do trainings in Italian, was that the main workshop or the Train The Trainers?
  10. @SheilaGomes and I talk about translating newsletters, before I submit the next one around February 10
  11. Everyone new & returning please fill out the welcome form: (edited)