WordCamp.org 5.0 Upgrade

WordCamp.org hasn’t been upgraded to 5.0 yet, because @coreymckrill and I were busy with WordCamp US and the WP 5.0.1 release. Now that those are done, we’ve had time to plan and test the upgrade, and everything is working well in our development environments.

Given that, I’d like to deploy the upgrade to the production server on Tuesday, January 1st. Things will essentially remain the same as they are today, where users are able to choose between the Block and Classic editors.

The specific changes are:

  • The Classic Editor plugin will be enabled. The Block Editor will be the default for most post types, but Classic will be available for all types. Users will be able to choose which editor they’d like to use. Site admins can override those if they’d like, though.
Settings for the Classic Editor plugin (under General > Writing)
  • The Gutenberg plugin will be deactivated. Once the Phase 2 changes have matured to the point where they’re ready for testing on production sites, then we can discuss re-enabling it (similar to the discussion we had for Phase 1).
  • The Block Editor will be available for some of our custom post types, like Speakers, Sessions, and Organizers.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.

#gutenberg, #wordcamp-org