WordCamp US 2018 Contributor Day Recap

This year at WCUS Contributor Day we had an incredibly productive day and lots of help from new contributors!

We had quite the ambitious list and we did really good! Here is what we worked on and next steps:

  1. Making process diagrams for processes described in our handbooks – The team started working on an outline for a diagram for sponsorship, next step is collaborating with design. The goal was to make the process of interacting with sponsor easier for organisers and more collaborative with sponsors. It’s my understanding that this is quite a complex project, we definitely need someone to take ownership of this to move forward.
  2. Organising the Trello board. Oh my! We have a Trello board with procedures thanks to a great group of new contributors that landed their project management expertise to the project! I will check with them to see if they are done and then I think we can start using it on January and test for 6 months as initially planned.
  3. Review of the deputy training materials. This is also quite a big project and we shall see how to proceed and who has the bandwith to take this on.
  4. Search through meetup.com for interesting/unusual meetup event formats/topics that could be recommended in future meetup organiser newsletter – Now there is a whole spreadsheet full of ideas!
  5. Summarise proposed 2018 goals – We have now a spreadsheet. Next step is checking what has been done and what has not been done: good base for our 2019 list of desiderata and goals.
  6. Adding email templates for responding to life-threatening allergy and a11y needs notifications to the handbooks. Here they are! What’s next? How can we automate the first email to the attendee based on their selection?
  7. Last, but definitely not least: WordCamp Tel Aviv sent an application for 2019 🥳

I assume the next few weeks might be a bit slower than usual, with many countries (albeit not all of them) observing Christmas, New Year, etc… So I will add a reminder to myself to check with the people after January 7th to see if they will continue with the tasks and how things are going.

If anyone is interested in working on some of the initiatives you see listed, please leave a comment, so we can move forward in 2019.

Thanks everyone for making WordPress!