WordCamp camera kit program discussion wrap up

Thank you to @otto42, @jerrysarcastic, @drbe4t, @ubernat, @stk_jj, @andreamiddleton, @weslinda, @pablo-moratinos, @desafio, @roseapplemedia, @jtleathers, and @sippis for contributing to the discussion around the WordCamp camera kit program! It was super helpful to hear personal experiences, challenges and successes with the camera kit program.

Looking deeper into the camera kit program and having this conversation makes it clear that the camera kit program should be continued.

This is partially because the cost of professional videography services, when compared to the number of videos uploaded to WPTV, is very expensive, and can consume a large portion of any WordCampWordCamp WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress. They're one of the places where the WordPress community comes together to teach one another what they’ve learned throughout the year and share the joy. Learn more. budget. Moving forward, let’s work on improving the camera kit program so that it is easier for WordCamp A/V wranglers!

During the discussion, there were a few trends in the comments:

  • Audio is a crucial element of recorded sessions, and often difficult to capture clearly with the existing kits, although not impossible.
  • While opinion is split on how easy it is to use the kits, the general consensus is that more education and documentation on how to use the kits is needed.
  • Post-production of videos, especially editing, is time consuming and can be a technical challenge.

Based on this, the following immediate needs have been identified:

  • People who can help ship and coordinate camera kits, more immediately in the US and Canada.
  • Better education on how to use the kits. This could be in the form of more documentation, videos on how to use the equipment, or contacts on the WPTV team who help answer questions.
  • Better follow up with WordCamps that use kits so that we can help them address any blockers.

Huge thanks to @tashan, @mikeyarce, @roseapplemedia, and @petya for wrangling camera kits to date, and to @sippis for continuing to wrangle kits in the EU!

A few of you shared in your comments that you would be willing to help! That’s amazing, and someone will be reaching out to you soon. As this is an important part of WordCamps, it would be fantastic to have even more volunteers, especially if you have A/V experience, or helped organize a WordCamp in the past! Please comment below if you are interested in participating.