WordCamp Block: Schedule

For more details, see “Converting WordCamp Shortcodes to Gutenberg Blocks,” “WordCamp Block: Speakers,” and “WordCamp Block: Organizers and Sponsors.”

Invision Prototype.

Our first iteration on the Schedule block is going to be straightforward: display sessions as a grid.

I have grand ambitions for a future Schedule block that uses direct manipulation and allows you to rearrange sessions by dragging and dropping in the schedule itself, but that’s not going to be feasible in our first round of blocks.

Keep that scope in mind while reviewing this block.

Worth noting with this block:

  1. “Headings” are automatically inserted for each day. Both the text in these headings, and the settings, are editable. You can also remove these blocks.
  2. I’ve simplified the existing speaker_link and session_link settings. The current default parameter for speaker_link is anchor, and permalink for session_link. Now, both defaults would be permalink, and the other link values have been removed. Please comment if you have strong opinions on this. I did this to simplify the available options, but if you intentionally use anchor or none, or use wporg for speakers, please tell me about your use case and provide a link to your WordCamp that I can check out. I want to understand your use case better!


  • Would you use this block for your WordCamp?
  • Does this seem to give you more options, or less options, than working with the shortcode?
  • Would these changes make it easier or harder to display content in a way that you like, on your WordCamp site?
  • Any other feedback or observations?