WordCamp Block: Speakers

Following up on my first post, I’ve put together some simple, static prototypes of the Speakers block. 

Add Individual Speakers

InVision Prototype.

Have you ever wanted to easily announce a keynote speaker, or showcase your latest round of speaker selections in a post? This block will allow you to showcase specific speakers.

Note, this prototype does not include settings — it focuses on the flow of adding individual speakers. 

Add Entire Speaker List

InVision Prototype.

Sometimes you just need a list of all of your speakers. This prototype explores that flow, along with the optional settings you can use to customize its design.

This prototype does include settings! Please play around.

Once you have a chance to explore, I’d love to know:

  • Would you use this block for your WordCamp?
  • Does this seem to give you more options, or less options, than working with the shortcode?
  • Keeping in mind this is a static prototype, did everything work as you expected? Did anything not work as you expected? Did you find anything confusing?
  • Do you feel like this block is missing anything?
  • Anything else?

Thanks again for all of your feedback 🙂