WordCamp US 2018 – Community Team Plans

Hi Team!

We have 60 days before Contributor Day at WordCamp US happens, I’d say it’s time for plans!

And since we couldn’t really do much at WordCamp Europe, due to the lack of wi-fi, I suggest we reuse the plans we had for June 😉

We also need to decide who is going to lead the table and coordinate with @aaroncampbell

Ideas for experienced contributors

  • run a real-time mentorship training for any experienced WordCamp organisers who want to be trained as mentors. See:
  • making process diagrams for processes described in our handbooks
  • organising the Trello board
    • Brainstorm with other teams that are using Trello: how they got started, how do they encourage its use, etc…
  • work on documentation from our “needs documentation” list
  • run a real-time deputy training discussion group for anyone who’s interested in becoming a deputy and has finished the deputy training quizzes. See:
  • application vetting sprint. See:

Ideas for less experienced contributors

  • search through meetup.com event titles and list suggestions for interesting/unusual meetup event formats/topics that could be recommended in future meetup organiser newsletters
  • summarise 2017 accomplishments
  • summarise proposed 2018 goals, check if someone is actively working on them and add them to Trello.
  • adding email templates for responding to life-threatening allergy and a11y needs notifications to the handbooks. See comments in this post for reference. Ping Attendee Services Team from WCEU for help
  • translate the replies in HelpScout to different languages (cross team effort with Polyglots)

Things that probably will not happen but if they do it would be great! 

  • Either publish something about the team structure and the decision making process or kill it forever (since without doing anything formal we changed completely the way we operate in the past 12 months I am inclined to kill it, but might be worth to have one final brief discussion for closure)

Have more ideas? Please add them to the comments and before the event I will put everything in a nice list so we can work through it during Contributor Day!