Call for topic suggestions: monthly meetup organizer newsletter

Every month we try to send out a newsletter for meetup organizers in our program. As you can see from these examples (#, #, #), the newsletter typically spotlights:

  • an interesting event format that organizers might want to try out
  • news about global community team projects
  • news about the WordPress open source project

If you’d like to recommend an interesting event format (preferably tried and tested by a group in the chapter) or suggest an additional topic to include in the newsletter, please leave a comment on this post!

We try to send the newsletter out pretty close to the 15th of every month, so if we don’t get your suggestion in time to add it to this month’s email, we’ll consider it for next month’s email.

Also, if anyone would like to volunteer to post a call for suggestions at or around the 5th of every month, that would allow us to keep collecting suggestions with a little more time to spare. #meetups #newsletter