The Sponsor Wrangler’s Cheatsheet

There are multiple places in the Handbook about Sponsors, but not a single place to look up all the pieces involved handling Sponsor matters at a WordCamp. Here is the cheatsheet. 

Parking lot:

Request for comments

Being part of the Sponsor team of WCUS I have so much to learn.  People smarter than me can fill in the blanks. Looking forward to your comments, oh wise WordCamp organizers and mentors:-)

  • What is still missing from this list? Where did I miss a handbook page to link?
  • Provided I haven’t overlooked handbook pages, do we need handbook pages for the line items without a link? 
  • Any thoughts on the parking lot items?  

PS: I am aware, that I am setting myself up for being the one updating the handbook, after we review suggestions in the comments. And that’s ok.