Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on July 25, 2018

Attending: @jillbinder, @laryswan, @angelina, @miriamgoldman, @cguntur



  • Reports
  • Where we’re headed + encouraging folks to participate
  • Open discussion time


I have been swamped with client work for the last several group meeting cycles, and so I haven’t been pushing things forward too much myself. That is lightening up and I’m going to have more time. (I think! I do hope. 🙂 )

So between it being summer and having less focus, we’ve had fewer signups and trainings run. But! We have momentum and they are still happening, even without focus.

1 new “wants training” sign up since the last meeting
And as far as I know, one group ran it since the last meeting: @kelliwise ran it for WP Campus was in St. Louis over Zoom

Working on train-the-trainer training lesson plan.

Status quo here. Doing the reminders, going through my deputyProgram Supporter Community Program Supporters (formerly Deputies) are a team of people worldwide who review WordCamp and Meetup applications, interview lead organizers, and keep things moving at WordCamp Central. Find more about program supporters in our Program Supporter Handbook. training, reviewing training modules, and prepping for WordCampWordCamp WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress. They're one of the places where the WordPress community comes together to teach one another what they’ve learned throughout the year and share the joy. Learn more. Montreal

Working on connecting with WC Seattle to get a speaker training session going with Larry. (btw, thanks @laryswan for responding to Maria! and thanks to Jill for the connection 🙂 )

That is fantastic, @angelasjin and @laryswan. I’m excited to see you both run a live training.
You’re both key train the trainers (Larry currently and Angela is working up to it) and I think doing a live training will be really helpful for both.

I’ll get there soon enough. 😉

Yay @miriamgoldman! I know you’re planning on running it in the Fall, so if you have interest in running train the trainers (well, before or after, but it’s easier after) you’re welcome to.

There are a couple of items on my plate that I hope to get back to soon:

  • The email for following up after MeetupsMeetup Meetup groups are locally-organized groups that get together for face-to-face events on a regular basis (commonly once a month). Learn more about Meetups in our Meetup Organizer Handbook. have run the training. I still need to do some big picture thinking on it before finalizing that email
  • The blog post on how to create a diverse WordCamp speaker roster. More people are asking for it, too.
    I have a longer list, and those two are at the top of my list. 🙂

Next item: Where we’re headed + encouraging folks to participate

I’m looking forward to more folks on the team running train the trainers! @laryswan and I have a vision of them happening frequently, because with many trainers each one won’t have a huge commitment.

In the current incarnation it is mostly running a pre-recorded video that I made. That eases our bandwidth for running them.

The effort is really just a few words before and after, encouraging people to follow along the exercises with the recording, and answering questions or getting back to them later after asking the team for answers.

We’ve been running them on Zoom so far so that we can run them for folks all over the world at once. But it’s not attached to being that format.

We are also making it easier for all: @laryswan is doing up an official Training team lesson plan for it. So you’ll be able to just grab it, read the script, and do it.

We will want to improve that training, and particularly that video, but first things first. 🙂

I can run some train the trainers after August 15th

Wonderful, @cguntur! Thank you. 🙂
Is that when you’ll be back from your travels?

No I came back yesterday evening. I am still catching up on my work and dealing with jet lag. School opens on August 15th. So, I will have more time.

I will take care of HelpScout until then.

You’ve been doing so great with HelpScout, including during your sometimes chaotic travel times. Including letting me know when you weren’t sure if you’d have connection so we made sure to cover it. I really appreciate how reliable you are with this.

I think those who are on the call today are already motivated and have worked out what they need to be running trainings,

but I did want to put the question out there to you and to folks reading the recap later:

Are you willing to run a training? Why or why not? What is in the way and how can we help you?

I’m ready and excited 🙂

Yup, same. Just need to carve out the time to do what I need to do.

I think time is probably my biggest challenge as well. (not in a negative way, just trying to juggle life! 🙂 )

I am pretty sure that will be my biggest challenge as well

On a personal note, I won’t have as much time as anticipated, with WordCamp Montreal in mid-August, and a dance competition the last weekend of August. Things will clear up in September, and I can go full steam ahead.

Got it, @miriamgoldman. Thanks for letting me know.

I should have time generally speaking, including during the summer, but my schedule tends to fill up quickly. As long as I can schedule events in advance, I should be available 🙂

Ok, that’s good to know, @angelasjin. We can make sure that trainings that you run are planned out in advance.
Even better: you can make sure that your trainings are planned out in advance. 😉

Oh yes, another report:

I believe we only have 10 in our HelpScout queue who are waiting for training!
Larry and I ploughed through many of them in a big push previously. 😉
And the signups over the summer have been trickling in.

I think folks are gearing up for training in late summer and the fall, so we should really think about running another one or two soon.

If I run it, then I hope that folks who are interested in training but who want to watch are able to attend.

If anyone feels ready and has the time, or maybe wants to be the lead in running it and just have Larry or I watch and jump in as needed, that is another great option.

And remember that it’s mostly running the video. The words needed from us are minimal.

Most of it would be the Q&A that comes up during and after, likely.

A request: Please mark down what the questions (and your answers) are so we can add them to the Knowledge Base that @webrite is putting together for us.

Do we have a shared calendar for when these are being run? Just curious
might be helpful for folks who want to watch

Ah! We do not yet. We have so far just been scheduling them one-off each time with a doodle poll.

Seconding that

That would be a great idea, esp when we’re doing them more regularly.
@angelasjin would you be willing to create a calendar for us?

Sure! Do folks like Google calendar?

Works for me 🙂

If everyone could DM me their email address, I’ll set that up and add everyone

We can put a link to it on

Ah, @angelasjin were you thinking it would be just for us or also for the Meetups to view?
It might be nice for them to see when trainings are scheduled, if that’s doable. What do you think?

We could do both. I’ll play around with the settings and let you know, but I’m pretty sure you can make it a public calendar where only certain people have access to edit

That would be ideal, I think.


Alright, I’m calling this meeting to a close. We can always chat about anything else after the meeting here or privately.
Thanks everyone!