Stripe is now available to all WordCamps

We just pushed out a big update to CampTix (the plugin for selling event tickets, written for WordCamp) on the network. The main change is that Stripe is now included as a default payment method — until now it was a separate, beta plugin that had to be enabled on a per-site basis.

Stripe is a credit card processor that supports a lot of currencies, so this will allow WordCamps to support online ticket purchases in several places where we couldn’t before. For new WordCamp sites, Stripe will be enabled by default, instead of PayPal, though you will still be able to turn on PayPal if needed (the payment configuration for existing WordCamp sites won’t be affected).

WordCamps that already had the separate Stripe plugin enabled should experience a seamless transition.

You can see a full changelog of recent updates to CampTix here.

If you notice any problems with Stripe transactions or other things in CampTix, please post them in the meta-wordcamp channel in WP Slack so that we can troubleshoot them as quickly as possible.

Thanks to @vedjain, @andreamiddleton, and @iandunn for all of their work on this project, @dd32 for writing the original Stripe plugin for CampTix, and @indralukmana, @eliw, @imath, @JulienMelissas, and @juanfra for ideas and code contributions that went into this release.