Discussion: should Community Self-Training be mandatory?

Hello team!

In the past three years I have been part of different community events and lately I have found that some people involved aren’t very aware of the guidelines we set in our program.

This could happen in a number of cases

  1. WordCamp organisers who are not the lead, so they don’t go through the handbook, because they expect the lead to read it and provide answers
  2. Meetup organisers that joined after the initial orientation, held only with the main organiser from a group
  3. In general, people that are doing awesome work in their local community (Meetups, Contributor Days, Hackatons, etc…) without being aware of the Community team resources
  4. Deputies that were inactive for a while

In the Meetup case (2) I think it might be enough for the team member that went through orientation to give the orientation to the new members every time someone else comes on board.

I wonder if the self-training should be made mandatory for the othe cases.


Everyone is on the same page


We don’t have many people grading the quizzes

What do you think?

Deadline to comment is May 18 so we can discuss this during the next two Community chats.