WordCamp Nordic Proposal

With the advent of regional WordCamps like Europe and US, we have had many discussions about the possibility of holding other regional WordCamps. One of the regions that has often been mentioned in these discussions is the Nordic region – comprising of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. After many years of talking about this as a possibility, a team got together at the WordCamp Oslo contributor day to make a formal, structured proposal for this event to see if they could turn it into a reality.

You can view the full proposal here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QsRFmapjfKIKcroAmJun9ibrgUweHcE0HIYa0bAg4Ds/edit?usp=sharing

Now that we have this proposal and the team has done some real work in establishing a concrete vision for how this event would work, it’s time to have a discussion about this as a community. With that in mind, please have a thorough read through the proposal and then comment on this post with your thoughts. We would like to know if you think this is a good idea or not, and if you feel it is a realistic goal for the WordPress communities in the Nordic region to work towards.

While you read the proposal and think about your comments, please bear this excerpt from the WordCamp Organizer Handbook in mind:

The goal of a Regional WordCamp is to celebrate, represent, and grow local WordPress communities in the affected region. A primary goal for the WordPress Global Community Team is to help support the creation and growth of  WordPress meetup groups and annual WordCamps in as many cities as possible in the world. Regional WordCamps work toward that goal by connecting people who weren’t already active in their local WordPress community and inspiring attendees to start communities in their hometowns.

Growing local WordPress communities in the Nordic region must be the ultimate goal here, so that’s a good idea to keep at the forefront of your mind while thinking about this.

The deadline for this discussion is Friday, 27 April – at that stage we will summarise the comments and move forward with the best decision based on what we have discussed.