Potential addition of a new Onboarding Team

Hi Community Team!

Recently I proposed an addition of a new ‘Make WordPress Team‘, currently there’s well over 15 different teams from Core, Polyglots, Mobile and even Marketing. However I feel like there’s one team that is missing and is a huge part of what makes WordPress, WordPress. The new team would be focused around on-boarding new contributors to the WordPress project and also help in steering them where they need to go depending on how they want to get involved. Sort of like a hotel concierge service (sort of).

Now, whilst the community team does a great job at the community side of things such as WordCamps and meetup events to name a couple of things and getting people involved – this new team would reach beyond what the community team does and also cover every other team in WordPress as well. I’ve heard first hand from others (myself being one!) that getting involved with WordPress is incredibly difficult. There’s so many moving parts and all kinds of things happening that it’s very hard to make that first contribution. Even so, once you’ve made the first contribution, it’s hard to find out where to go next.

Here’s the low-down of what (I think) the team would do:

  • Liaise with other team leads on ‘good first bugs’-esque contributions for things like Core & Design.
  • Work with the training team and marketing teams for producing help guides and tutorials.
  • Quick start help with getting involved with the Plugin and Theme contributions.
  • Talk with the community team on how to get involved with WordCamps and meetups.
  • Other outreach work with the Make/Teams.

And my favourite of all points:

  • Mentorship programme with on-going support for people who might not be as confident contributing or for people who want to try their hand at all sorts of things. Giving insights into the WordPress philosophies, community and code of conduct.

So, what do I need from you guys?

Help. Please discuss this, let me know what you think and raise any points for concern or potential ideas we can include. Whilst I appreciate this isn’t strictly community related, and I’d like to ensure that this team is separate from the community as a whole – this new team will overlap in some form or anything with every other team in the WordPress.org community.

Also, some more food for thought, some team names!

  • Welcoming Team
  • Concierge Team (Hotel WordPress anyone?)
  • Onboarding Team

Thank you!