Call for Volunteers: Diversity Outreach Speaker Training Roles

The Diversity Outreach Speaker Training team is looking for some volunteers for some specific roles. Open to all, folks within the team and not yet within the team!


  1. Promoters:

    We are promoting this link to help WP Meetups get more women and other underrepresented groups become speakers at their local WP events:

    Some suggested promotion methods:

  • Writing articles
  • Speaking about it in the SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at groups of countries
  • Speaking about it in Facebook groups
  • Speaking to people about it at WordCamps
  • People who are already doing Diversity work, ask for a mention in their talks or a tweet out to their followers
  • Leveraging the monthly or quarterly email newsletters to chapter meetupMeetup All local/regional gatherings that are officially a part of the WordPress world but are not WordCamps are organized through A meetup is typically a chance for local WordPress users to get together and share new ideas and seek help from one another. Searching for ‘WordPress’ on will help you find options in your area. organizers that may be starting
  • Asking former workshop attendees to write articles about how attending the workshop affected them
  • which posts to YouTube

You can use the wording in the link and variations on it.

For tweets, here is a suggested tweet to use:

Want to recruit more women speakers — and other underrepresented groups — in your local WordPress community? #WPWomenSpeak

When you are planning on doing something, please let us know to add it to our Spreadsheet on Promotion Actions tab:


  1. Speaker Training HelpScout Team:

    When Meetups fill out the form, it will go into our HelpScout queue. I need a team of up to 4 people to:

    • Reply to them in HelpScout
    • Get the process started for them if they request our assistance
    • Fill out the spreadsheet with their info (first tab, Meetup Workshops):

  2. Workshop Trainers

    When Meetups organizers request our assistance with training them on the workshop, I need some folk to be the trainers. I will likely record a version that we can use but some will want more personal hands-on help, or will want to ask more questions after they have watched the info.

    If you are local to them you can train them in person, and otherwise it can be online.


Let me know if you’d like to chat more about any of these by either commenting here or messaging me on Slack @jillbinder.

Thanks in advance for your help and I’m looking forward to setting up these sustainable systems with you!