Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on January 24th, 2018

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Today’s Agenda

  • Our final core message
  • Our online article and form
  • Testing the HelpScout system
  • Support for those of you running workshops and train the trainer sessions
  • Next promotion actions that people would like to take
  • Our promotions spreadsheet

Our final core message

We discussed on the last meeting if we should use “women” or “people who identify as women.” I checked in with a few people and we decided on “women and other underrepresented groups.” I have kept the mention of “people who identify as women” later in the message.

Our online article and form

Our core message is now up online along with a form that I have put together:

I think the core message is finalized now, unless someone has a burning “this must be changed.”

I put together a version of the form based on @BlogAid’s suggestions in a previous meeting, along with some other things I think we need. I am open to feedback.

Feedback ~

@caroleo: Sixth question I would rather say: “Would you like us to train you…” as this should be a question if the answers are yes or no

@andreamiddleton: It might be useful to add a field for URL. Sometimes people will identify as one city but their meetup is in a suburb, especially with big cities.

@sheilagomes filled out the form and wasn’t sure if it was done right. I got Sheila’s feedback after the meeting.

Testing the HelpScout system

The other thing we’ve been working on is how the form is going to work. Currently it’s forwarding to my email address.

Soon @andreamiddleton will have it set to go to HelpScout. My understanding is this is a system that allows us to all see the correspondences easily so that nothing is getting repeated nor lost. That way any of us will be able to go in and pick up where the last one of us left off with corresponding to someone.

Through this system we hope to:
a) Keep track of which meetups are running it so we can keep a tally on how close to our goal of 27 meetups this year we are getting

b) Keep track of who would like us to train them how to run it

There’s a trade-off. We need to maintain the spreadsheet of meetup replies and statuses manually. The trade-off will be worth it though for the easier communication.

The first tab of this spreadsheet is where we will put in their answers:

Currently it’s viewable by anyone with a link and will make it editable by invitation only.

@caroleo volunteered to be the gatekeeper for giving our team access to edit the spreadsheet. Anyone outside of our team, she will check them with me.

Support for those running workshops and train the trainer sessions

Many of the people in our team are planning on running the workshop themselves. If you’re the contact for your city and you’re planning on running a training, please fill out our form after it is hooked up to HelpScout so we can test this system.

Next promotion actions that people would like to take

A number of people on our team are ready to start promoting as soon as our message is up online and ready.

Let’s start promoting next week. That way we can make sure HelpScout is ironed out and also we have the chance to test the system amongst ourselves. [Edit: It is not yet ready. I will edit this once it is.]

Also let us know how we can support you in running the workshop and train the trainer trainings.

The second tab of the spreadsheet is where we’ll keep track of who is doing what promotions. I’ve put a few people in there that I know about. You can talk to me to get yours into it or ask @caroleo for access to be able to edit it yourself.

@caroleo: I can help with promoting here in Europe

@sheilagomes: We had our last local meetup on Saturday and I mentioned the workshop on February, inviting everybody, and I talked to some people on Slack, but not broadly yet. I had said I would write en article based on the first video of the training. Is that video going to be available publicly?

@jillbinder: It is not available publicly. I will create another one that will be or get permission from the current people to use this one. TBD.

Please feel free to reach out to me (@jillbinder) on Slack, in the #community-team channel, or by comment on this post.


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