Removing Twitter handles from Attendees pages

Recently the question has come up of how to remove the Twitter handles that are displayed on WordCamp sites’ Attendees pages (or wherever else the `camptix_attendees` shortcode is used).

Currently, as long as the attendee has provided a Twitter handle during the ticket purchase process, it will be included in the shortcode output by default, and there isn’t actually a way to prevent its inclusion. The only option is to hide it with CSS. I suspect this was an unintentional oversight when the Twitter field was originally added.

A better implementation, I believe, would be to leave out the Twitter handle by default, but allow its inclusion using the optional `questions` shortcode parameter.

So, two questions for discussion:

  • Is this the best approach for addressing attendee Twitter handle concerns?
  • For any change we decide to implement, should it apply retroactively to all previous camps’ attendee lists, or just new camps moving forward?

If you have concerns about this or want to discuss the overall need for such a change, please leave a comment below!