Let’s create case studies of the WordCamp regulation.

Hi! Community team!
I proposed before “I will post a WordCamp regulation OK / NG case study on handbook.”

WordCamp regulation OK/NG case study to handbook

After some discussions in the comments and in the Slack, we move on to the next stage.

Please share your experience in consulting solving problems and troubles regarding the regulation by commenting this post including following points;

  • Description of the case.
  • OK/NG, if any judge made, and the reason you made that decision.
  • Sharing cases without clear judgements are also welcome. I’ll bring them to the team discussion.


  • On the speaker candidate’s website, the organization team found links to a theme shop that does not follow 100% GPL.
  • We asked the speaker to remove the link, and the speaker removed the link.
  • We welcomed him as a speaker.

I will put it in a Google spreadsheet.

The deadline is November 3.