Gutenberg on WordCamp sites?

A couple of weeks ago, @jorbin suggested that we install and activate Gutenberg on the network. This would make it available on every WordCamp site to use for creating/editing posts and pages. It would not be initially available to use for other post types, like speakers and sessions, because these use meta boxes for some of their content, which are currently an unresolved issue in Gutenberg.

Some WordCamp sites only have a couple of users (generally the lead organizers), while others have scores. It would be an opportunity for these folks to try out the new editor with a real use case, get a feel for how it works, and help the Gutenberg team as it continues to improve the plugin.

It would, of course, be completely optional. Since the Gutenberg plugin is intended for testing and feedback, it lives on a separate screen and the normal editor would still be available.

So the question for the community is, should we activate Gutenberg on WordCamp sites?