Handling Office Hours on 11 – 19 September

As mentioned in this post the Automattic sponsored staff members of the Global Community Team, who usually (but not always) handle Office Hours, will be at a company offsite September 11-18 (next week). This means that we need to make sure that we have deputies who can commit to being online and available for Office Hours at the following times:

Office Hours are very simple to run – we just need at least one deputy (but preferably more) to be on Slack for the hour. It means that, at the set time, you would announce in the #community-events channel that Office Hours is opening so people can ask any questions they like and there will be a few deputies around to answer them.

If you can commit to being online at any of the times listed above, please tick the box next to it. We would love to have more than one deputy at each time slot, so please comment here even if someone else has committed to the same times that you can make it to.