Global Community Team: Welcome pack

In the last months, we’ve been lucky to see an increase of the number of deputies (Global Community Team volunteers) getting involved with our team. This has been a result of volunteer training transitioning from one-on-one training methods (which required a lot of time of the current deputies) to a system where new deputies can start the process by doing the self-training courses and after that, joining some extra training session calls with an experienced deputy.

That said, we still have things to improve and I’d like to note some of them:

  • Welcome box: As Francesca pointed out in this proposal, the “Welcome box” of this p2 could be improved adding some info about how to get involved with the Global Community Team and to link to a “Welcome page” where we could explain the different ways to contribute to our team.
  • Welcome page: In this new Welcome Page, we could add several sections, something similar to what the Support Team have done in this page, where they differentiate “people who use the forums” and “people who help with the forums”.
  • Welcome committee: As you know, we’re a global team, that means that we support and help MeetupMeetup All local/regional gatherings that are officially a part of the WordPress world but are not WordCamps are organized through A meetup is typically a chance for local WordPress users to get together and share new ideas and seek help from one another. Searching for ‘WordPress’ on will help you find options in your area. and WordCampWordCamp WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress. They're one of the places where the WordPress community comes together to teach one another what they’ve learned throughout the year and share the joy. Learn more. organizers all around the world. These people share their love to WordPress and its community. But a lot of organisers daily face a hurdle that makes them feel uncomfortable speaking up to contribute: a language barrier. As a non-native English speaker, I know the feeling of not being “good enough” with my language skills to join an international team. I’d love to change that image, as everyone is welcome to participate in our open community and to contribute to it! So, I’d like to gather a group of active deputies who can speak other languages (apart from English) to define a process to welcome more non-native English speakers to contribute to our team as mentors and deputies.

So, we need two things:
1) If you’re an active deputy of the Global Community Team and would like to join me, please add a comment to this post and I’ll get in contact with you next week about it to discuss a plan to improve our processes welcoming people to our Global Community Team.
2) Do you have some ideas how we could improve the experience of non-English native speakers for getting involved with the Global Community Team? Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments! 🙂

Let’s strive for more language inclusivity and diversity!

Deadline: August 25th, 2017