Code of Conduct Reporting Processes

As our part of the WordPress project gets bigger and we find ourselves with more new voices every day, I’d like to open the discussion of how we currently handle reported code of conductCode of Conduct “A code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the norms, rules, and responsibilities or proper practices of an individual party.” - Wikipedia violations.

There is a little bit of written documentation in the handbook (here), but that is exclusively about handling something you are seeing at your in-person event. For reported issues that are being brought to a safety officer, we roughly follow this process though we aren’t very formal about that either.

So my questions are these:

  1. What should we update about our current processes?
  2. Would formalizing our processes be enough or would a separate training be needed?
  3. Who will be the people responsible for the proper handling of reports?
  4. How do we keep protected information safe?

I’d like to hear your thoughts about how to manage this part of our project. Join us in exploring these (and your own questions) in the comments below. We’ll leave commenting open until Monday, Aug 7.