Contributor Badges as stickers for all

In preparation for WordCamp Bern, Switzerland in September I was did a bit of research regarding contribution badges as stickers. For our Contributor Day we need only around 50 stickers of each badge.

Our problem is that StickerGiant has a minimum of 250 stickers per badge and the price of per sticker drops a huge amount when the numbers increase. For example

  • 250 0.48 / Sticker
  • 500 0.26 / Sticker
  • 1’000 0.15 / Sticker
  • 2’000 0.10 / Sticker

My initial idea was that just to get a few interested WordCamp together and do a combine order but then Andrea Middleton suggested that the Contributor Badges sticker could be included in with the WordPress swag.

The questions that we need to discuss are:

  • Do we want to do a trial with 10 WordCamps where 1’000 stickers are ordered of the badges and cost distributed across the 10 WordCamps? Each WordCamp would get around 100 stickers of each badge.
  • Do we order 2000 and distribute them to the future WordCamps and review it once the stocks have deplenished?
  • Would the cost of these contributor badge stickers be covered by the foundation like with the WordPress swag or should a small fee like 100$ be deducted from the budget?
  • How much additional work would this create for the Community Team managing the swag?

Also Courtney previously started a discussion on how we should manage the WordPress Swag as they make an order every 18 months.

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