Community Team Chat Agenda | 6 July 2017

Our bi-monthly Community Team chat is happening this Thursday. Meeting times are 08:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC in #community-team on Slack – we use the same agenda for both meetings in order to include all time zones.

Here is the preliminary agenda for this week’s meeting – please add additional items in the comments on this post before the 8:00 UTC meeting.

1. Deputy check-in – What have you been working on? Any blockers? Anything that you need help with?
2. Help Scout workflow clarification – We just want to clarify and be more clear about the workflow for tickets in Help Scout.
3. Call to assist with WordCamp meta queries – As outlined here by @coreymckrill.
4. Highlighting a few P2 posts – No real discussion needed, but these are posts worth highlighting for all deputies: