A note about running Office Hours

We run multiple sessions of Office Hours every week at the times mentioned in the sidebar of this P2. Office Hours are dedicated times when Community Team deputies are available to answer any questions from the community. We do them in the #community-events channel on Slack and they are a valuable tool for connecting with and assisting community organisers all over the world.

The great thing about Office Hours is that any deputy can run them – you don’t need to be especially blessed or uniquely qualified (other than being a deputy who has gone through the deputy training of course). So…

If you are a deputy who is online at the time that Office Hours is scheduled to start, but no one else has started it yet, then please start it yourself.

All you need to do is announce in #community-events that you are starting Office Hours. You can also ping in #community-team to see which other deputies are online to help you out. If you know you won’t be online to close the hour-long session, then just ask another deputy to do that for you.

Note that, while Office Hours is a time for community organisers to ask questions, you don’t have to personally know all the answers. It’s up to all deputies to answer as they can, but if you don’t know a specific answer then you are totally welcome to say that you’ll find out and follow up with the individual when you can. You can also ping someone who is likely to know the answer and they will respond when they are able to do so.

A huge thanks to all deputies who take part in Office Hours already! Even if no one asks any questions in some of the sessions, never under-estimate the value of this time for the community and how much of an impact you’re having by being involved in it.

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