WCEU Contributor Day central.wordcamp.org evaluation.

A well planned site structure improves the usability and makes easier to use. On the contributor day at WCEU we got together and checked the actual structure, using cards as we created a new possible structure adding missing elements and what we thought it will be a better way to interact with the central.wordcamp.org website.



  • New WordCamp Attendees (people that have not attended before)
  • Newbies People from Agencies, Higher Ed, Hobbyists who want to become Entrepreneurs (design work)
  • php devs (but not WP Devs)
  • “i’m not a developer”


  • Where do meetups go? – https://www.meetup.com/pro/wordpress/ This link should be added to https://central.wordcamp.org/.
  • Social Media: How should we include this:
    • Twitter  https://twitter.com/wordcamp  Feed currently broken. Currently 2977 followers. This is a strong start.
    • YouTube (which account-s)  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWQnu9XpK3ze10STZv9ORLg  This is teh WordCamp Central account, but the URL needs to be renamed to be SEO friendly. (also who has access to this? Maybe Andrea Middleton as she is in the videos?)
    • Facebook who owns this and publishes https://www.facebook.com/WordCamp/
    • Instagram
    • Flickr – does this need to be included? Many camps previously/still use Flickr, but many now migrating to Instagram. What should be do?
    • LinkedIn This does not currently exist as a company page. Yet strong engagement on this word “View 1315 Wordcamp posts, presentations, experts, and more. Get the professional knowledge you need on LinkedIn.” This exists as a group page https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1236487/profile This page is also not being kept up.
    • As a side note, for each of these accounts, we need a list of  the master email and/or the admins for each social media area
    • All the social media would be more effective if it were updated regularly 😉



Top Area

  • slideshow
  • intro text and paragraph
  • call to action “Find WordCamp” – AUDIENCE – attendees
  • join mailing list — the mailing list should be activated so that people who sign up receive something

News Area

  • outdated (April? It’s June 🙂 — and where’s this coming from?
  • Latest Tweets – seems empty

RECOMMENDATIONS: How about we just make this about answering the main questions that someone might have when they first enter here:

  • What – “What WordCamps are?”
  • Why – “Why should I be interested?”
  • How – “How to get started?”
  • Where – “Where to start?”

The key here would be to make that message/answers really clear and with not too much text. Probably in a “step by step” manner.


T-SHIRT SIZES https://central.wordcamp.org/t-shirt-sizes/

  • Get Rid of this page (it seems like it’s for Organizers)

NEWS https://central.wordcamp.org/news/

  • Not kept up to date
  • unclear audience – WordCamp Bristol, Miami,Peace & Love by Jennifer Bourn from Sacramento, Kyoto looking for speakers











WordCamp Central

WordCamp in planning

WordCamp Recap

WordCamp Tickets



SCHEDULE – (should be locations?) – https://central.wordcamp.org/schedule/

  • AUDIENCE – Seems to be Organizers AND Attendees
  • Application Status page may not belong here — could be in footer link or Organizer area

ABOUT WORDCAMPS https://central.wordcamp.org/about/

  • pretty good content here, audience still not clear
  • some stats (when were they updated?)

WHAT TO EXPECT – https://central.wordcamp.org/what-to-expect/

  • The text says it fun, fun and more fun, but the page doesn’t really looks like fun …
  • ACTION : Add some pictures ; get rid of “Perks” section ; rewrite this whole page
  • AUDIENCE – seems to be attendees, but still a bit vague
  • RECOMMENDATIONS – add some testimonials about WordCamps from newbies, agencies, devs, organizers, sample sessions
  • Pull this out from under About, link from the main content intro para instead of the About page



  • RECOMMENDATION / ACTION : make a new menu item named “GET INVOLVED” and put these pages over there.

Become an Organizerhttps://central.wordcamp.org/become-an-organizer/

  • links to other site
  • RECOMMENDATION : Either remove / delete, or add some info about organizer experience, time commitment, or

Application Status https://central.wordcamp.org/application-status/ – AUDIENCE – Organizers

CONTACT US – https://central.wordcamp.org/contact-us/

  • link for organizers is wrong

New Website Content Proposal


Pages/ Keywords

  • Home: WordCamp, WordPress, what is a wordcamp?
  • News: one per post
  • What to Expect: WordCamp attendees, WordCamp information
  • Find a Camp: WordCamp schedule, WordCamp list
  • Get Involved: plan a WordCamp, organize, sponsor, WordPress meetups, Contributor Days
  • About: WordPress values, WordCamp Code of Conduct, Open Source, WordCamp Central
  • Contact: WordCamp Central

Notes from the Conversation

Social media/ news are currently not being kept up to date. What if each WordCamp gets a post to plug their camp… if they also provide a post of valuable information for visitors? Set Publicize and posts would go up on social media and in News a couple of times a week.

WordCamps are global and typically take place in the language of the community. This should be conveyed throughout — obvious pages include What to Expect and Values of the Community.

Make sure the tone of the site is more fun/friendly/characteristic of the WordPress Way.