Community Team Chat Agenda | 22 June 2017

As discussed here we have moved last week’s team chat to this week and will be holding it at 8:00 and 20:00 UTC on Thursday, 22 June 2017 in #community-team on Slack.

Here are a few agenda items that we should discuss – please add more in the comments below and we can add them in:

Community Summit recap
While we are awaiting the publishing of the notes from the Community Summit discussions, we can give a quick recap of what we spoke about to give some initial info and context.

WCEU Contributor Day recap
A lot was achieved at the WordCamp Europe Contributor Day, so I think it’s worth sharing some of the results.

Orientation script privacy
As per this post there is a bit of discussion around making the meetup & WordCamp orientation scripts public instead of private (as they are currently). Let’s chat about this and then loop back to the post to make a decision.

A few P2 posts worth highlighting