This week’s Community Team chat?

We’re scheduled to host Community Team chats tomorrow at 08:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC in #community-team channel on slack. With so many of us busy with WordCamp Europe and the 2017 Community Summit we seem to have missed the usual window for posting an agenda for the meeting. Since part of the goal is to maintain parity between the two meeting times we should determine what we’d like to do in regards to tomorrow’s two chats.

We need to decide to cancel this week’s chats under the circumstances or proceed without a clear agenda.

** Edited to add a third option — Move the meetings ahead by one week to June 22 at the regular times.

Please let us know your preference in comments below.

This should be decided prior to the 08:00 UTC meeting time.

#team-chat #community-team

#agenda, #meeting